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PayPal Phone Fraud

By Dean

I recieved this email when selling an item on ebay:


Dear sir/madam Please let me explain the situation 1st: I was planing to make a small birthday gift to my cousin whos currently studying in europe. However i had lots of paper work at my office, i havent spent more than 2 days at home yet. I have some free time now, so i wouldn’t like to miss a chance to fix that matter with birthday.

Consequently I would be very thankfull, if you could help me. I could buy same item at local shop,but fast shipping methods from USA are so expensive,cheaper services offer good price,but shipping time vary from 7days to 4weeks. I Would gladly purchase your item if you would agree to wrap it nicely,and add a small gift card inside a box. I am ready to cover international shipping and wrapping charges – GBP30.00. My prefered shipping method is Royal mail.Prefered payment method – PayPal. Shiping country – Lithuania. p.s. We could save some time,if you could add a “buy it now” option,or just end auction earlier after i become the highest bidder or simply do it outside auction. I do hope that i am not putting you to trouble. Regards Ray Gardner


To cut a long story short he was a fraudster and 30 days later I got shaffted for ?210, Paypal have said i have 120 days to pay and then they may take legal action, I don’t know wether to give in or pay?

Its been 45 days so far and if its going to affect my credit record i will have to pay but its left me feeling extremly sore about paypal.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:43 am

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