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Paypal Phone Number

It’s obvious that PayPal doesn’t want you to find their phone number or they would post the information on their web site.  It’s hard to understand why a company such as PayPal does not have phone numbers posted on their web site.
Here are two PayPal phone numbers: (402) 935-7733 and 877 672-9725.
Keep in mind that you can experience hold times that exceed 30 minutes. This will give you plenty of time to calm down and absorb the realization that you just lost control of your money and the credibility of your business.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:03 am

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5 thoughts on “Paypal Phone Number
  1. shenise on

    So i was going to try and use my old paypal account that i had not ever used but set up a while ago when i was trying out affilate networking but today i tried accessing the account i previously set up and tbey said it was permanantly locked and i would never be able to open up a new account but why is this if i never used it to begin with?

    • Kathy on

      They do try and do strange things God knows but God help us Today they were going to keep my money but I told the poor Asian kid (which is not her fault ) about holding my money and she told me how to go to withdraw and then transfer it to my banking I told her it wasn’t her fault.

  2. Marda Hoff on

    I have called 4 times to sell this dispute i am put on hold or was cut off. I have documents fro United Post Office, Morrison, Il. the post post office manager made copies of my transaction with Sammy Dress. I have tried to figure out how to get these copies to pay pal resolution. No help from pay pal to send these documentation, to prove I sent these purchase back to Sammy Dress. I will not settle what Sammy wants to rein burst me. I can’t only contact my lawyer to help me straighten out this dispute. My phone 563/249/8388. I am very upset. it is your responsibility to help your client to send the proof to when the case but if you can’t help your client, then why use this service. I want to hear back from you immediately to resolve this problem. Marda Hoff

  3. Susan DeLashmutt on

    Thks. for the numbers, support and info. SD.

  4. Carolyn McMasters on

    Yesterday I received an e-mail concerning my account, to update credit card? I don’t even have the credit cd. mentioned, I gave the new one long ago! I don’t know if this is legit or not, don’t want to risk a scam and get info in the wrong hands. Can you help me/ Thankyou C.M.