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PayPal Policy Change

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

I attempted to send you this reply by e-mail, but your system is set up to prevent customers from being able to send e-mail feedback that relates to any topic except those which you have chosen and categorized or which exceeds 1000 characters.  Im spending the time and the postage.  I hope somebody there takes it to heart.  You are, perhaps inadvertently, becoming part of a greater evil than you probably perceive.  It regards your recent policy changes in respect to adult items.

Original Email:
I don’t buy adult items, but I think this is a really deplorable, chicken-shit, underhanded way of eroding the principle of the first amendment. Paypal, although arguably serving primarily to enhance the market appeal of e-bay, is at least in some respect a financial institution.  As a financial institution, it is not your place to dictate, judge, or even comment on the taste, morality or
sensibilities of your clientele. Your job is to facilitate the expedient and secure transfer of funds from one party to another. Anything more should be avoided and pressure to engage in this type of ancillary activity should be met with the stiffest resistance.

It would seem that our nation has problems in the current day with people of fundamentalist Muslim beliefs. Will you next ban the sale of Korans?  Not long ago, the charismatic leader of a major industrial power in Europe determined that the entire economic and social structure of the nation was being undermined by a small minority of people with unusual and strange beliefs. These people seemed to have a religious loyalty, and a loyalty to their own fellows that surpassed any allegiance to their native country. They would meet privately for ceremonies and rituals that were a mystery to the normal, average citizen.  They seemed to be deliberately, in a calculated manor, inserting their own people into the industries of finance, banking and international trade. The country’s leader began by undermining these peoples’ ability to meet, exchange communications privately and move freely in the community. He finished by killing and burning some 6,000,000 or so of them.

First, “adult materials”, then guns, then offensive political materials that advocate the overthrow of the present government, then materials critical of the policies and practices of our elected leaders, then material detailing methods to emigrate from this country. By that time, with commerce and communication stifled, with target groups of people disenfranchised and everyone else afraid to express difference, you can call out the “security police” and start rounding them up for the railroad cars.

PayPal should be ashamed.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:12 am

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