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PayPal Privacy Policy

By Earl

Well it looks like some things may never change. I wanted to do business with a company, but they only took paypal as their payment instead of bank cards. Well I sign into paypal with my e-mail address, and low and behold, they tell me the address is already in use. No problem I think to myself (yeah, right!) So I write an e-mail to their web mail complaint dept. I would die to share the whole thing with you all as it just gets funnier and funnier. To summarize I wrote them that someone else was using my e-mail address and I wondered if there was a way they could fix it. To which a totally CLUELESS lackey named Brian replied:

PayPal has a very strict privacy policy. If you received unwanted email after signing up for PayPal, please note your information may have been acquired from a different source.

and goes to spout their privacy policy regarding your e-mail address and how they are certified by “TRUSTe.”

Now I had to think about this one for Ohhhh…2 seconds to realize Brian has got to be the stupidest person on the planet in my opinion, nothing he wrote had ANYTHING to do with my problem or how to solve it. So I write back:

No, look moron. MY e-mail address is <> and my name is NOT J.W. (name of previous owner of the account) …and that apparently that person no longer has the e-mail address I use, so on and so fourth. And could they please clear the name associated with my e-mail address.
I know I can use other e-mail addresses to sign up with them, and have done that to complete my transactions with the company I was dealingĀ  with, but it is the morals of this whole situation that keeps me going.

They responded:
We understand perfectly. You are not not J.W. In some instances, email providers will recycle email addresses. It appears that the person who previously was issued the email address with the Internet provider, established a PayPal account and registered this email address with our service. …. they go on to tell me I should contact my ISP to get this resolved.

Excuse me? Contact my ISP? For what? Are they going to go hunt down the former owner of my e-mail address and tell him he needs to go take care of paypals’ mess? Oh please.

By this time I am getting really pissed off and start getting rather rude, soo, keep that in mind. I write:

…….This is YOUR company, and in thus you COULD do something about an inactive account, don’t tell me you cannot Especially since you admit that you know ISP’s do recycle e-mail addresses….

I get back 3 days later:
The ISP may not give you information on the previous user, but they may be nice enough to contact them in regards to the situation for you…

HAHAHAHA this is getting better and better. Yeah cause my ISP keeps files of all their users better than the CIA tracks terrorists, right? Did J.W. move and that’s why he doesn’t have the e-mail address? Did he die? Maybe his computer crashed waiting for paypal to solve a problem. In any case, what the ‘he double L’ is my isp going to do about an obvious FLAW in their “Privacy Policy?”

after another lengthy exchange by me, I get another e-mail from them:

Due to security polices that we have in place to protect our users, we are not able to close an account without the consent of the account holder. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Wait Wait Wait… I heard this..ummm 2 WEEKS ago in the first e-mail. Word for word. THERE IS NO SECURITY RISK HERE. Check the account, how long has it been inactive? How hard would it be to clear an association of their account to an
e-mail address while still maintain J.W.’s info? They KNOW who he is, they have HIS info. He can verify who he is to them again, why does MY e-mail address have to be tied to him? This company could be ran better by a pack of well trained chimps! So Now I have asked them to forward my e-mail to a manager with their company or at least someone with some authority so we can deal with this and I can use the e-mail address I pay for on a services that gets money from my transactions. So Jen, Alyxx, Michael and Brian, go to school, get a real job where you CAN do something about a customer complaint. Their web mail complaint department is a complete waste of time, but I will continue to write them back, I have some spare time, and they have to pay these idiots for their time, maybe in 2-3 years they might get a clue and figure out how to forward an e-mail.

You’d have to see the entire e-mail to really appreciate the hilarity in this, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:58 pm

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