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PayPal Problems as a Customer: Many


1. Literally sat and read a copy of a 2001 lease application I made for an apartment that is currently posted at a Lexus/Nexus credit internet site-obviously without my knowledge or consent. (Not the cars- a ‘third party credit agency’ according to PayPal. The document and info can only be that lease agreement app-for various reasons. I never had a single issue at the place and have never owed them any additional monies and even received all deposits back.) Basically, PayPal were contending I still live and work at this address: and were saying my current address and info (even verified by my payment options as correct) were wrong-and this private document ten years old was right-currently. They were basically using this information (from an old apartment lease application form posted online without my knowledge or consent) in refusing to set up an account that is described as ‘automatic’ by the international vendor/website. I had already obligated myself to buy an item from a sub-vendor.

This is b/c the international vendor wouldn’t even take my CC (from a national bank) and I had to go through PayPal: or risk some kind of credit issue. It looked like that was an option when I ordered-to use my form of CC. However, I overcame this issue-on where I live/work-with PayPal to set up the account. But wait!

Then, I also had to spend three days-basically setting up my own account- (online) due to all kinds of weird hassells. These mostly relate to living in a rural community and that my address, phone etc. are not standard. But, I finally set it up and paid, though and with this item received it satisfactorily-eventually. Then, though I basically even had to put up with the sub-vendor contacting me repeatedly: for I guess additional funds (or tips for the item) at my email address. I feel I should state additionally that I had the feeling, as well, that this sub-vendor and others were somehow threatening they could charge me more anyway. (See below-I also found out they can keep the money: and not send the item on a pretense through a weird manipulation of a policy.)

2. Today, someone tried to charge me for an item I have never actually ordered-or received. In fact, I haven’t even heard from them for two months. Maybe I wasn’t strong enough in indicating I am not sure-but I did say at one point it would be several weeks before I could possibly tender an actual order. They also had said they did not even have one in stock at the time of my inquiry.

I never gave them: a credit card, filled out an order form etc. However, today, I have found out-from official PayPal staff-a vendor can invoice you by only having the email address (only) you used to establish the PayPal account. Believe it or not. Remember, too: I have no item in my possession from this vendor: and had completely forgot about it all.

This all started with me emailing to inquire the particulars of the item from the physical storefront address. So, I have no item, never gave my actual numeric PayPal account, never linked PayPal or anything and I find a bill for something I was hazey about at the PayPal website. Something I don’t even have in my possession. I have never placed an order, the vendor was not sure they could even get it, etc. etc. etc. And I am billed: since the vendor has my email address, alone. I did not even know that was remotely possible, at all. Also, this is two months later and with no contact. Is this all a safer way to shop online? I am not sure if I even mentioned PayPal, for sure also-or if maybe they didn’t just troll around and it went through. I have no item from this vendor: and never did more than express possible interest in purchasing at a later time.

3.Additional points: One PayPal-related international vendor allows sub-vendors to keep monies for items not mailed: if they say your address is bad and you are hard to contact. They do this before the time expires to be covered by them for a refund. So, if they want: no refund-and no item. The sub-vendor who tried this (a different than the above) I had emailed maybe six times asking why the system indicated the item had never been mailed. This email was done at their website-on their system-and this was still nearly done.

Also, the exact same company erases negative posted customer evaluations- for certain vendors-off the feedback page. They also use negative feedback of customers by vendors to allow other vendors to refuse to accept your business. So, if you tell the truth, they can not do business with you saying you are a ‘risky’ customer who gives bad ratings. All traces of attempted transactions disappear: accept ones forwarded to an outside email.

I could go on and on. These are all businesses that basically only accept PayPal. They allow vendors to harass customers, to ask for exhorbitant amounts for ‘postage’ to lie etc. And, I even think some of the vendors also are really mostly selling drugs, porn, illegal books, cultic esoteric-ana that really is regulated and/or outright illegal. Some vendors are not even used to filling regular orders for posted normal items like clothes etc. And the huge companies back them up most of the time. I even wonder if they are the real bosses-maybe along with PayPal. Who puts through invoices with only your email address even available on email phone books. Alone.

Posted: October 17, 2013 at 7:05 pm

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