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PayPal Protects Crooks

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Having had quite a few chargebacks and reversals from PayPal I have gotten used to the Paypal-response and end-result when trying to get these investigated. PayPal fist “investigates” then concludes that the chargeback and/or reversal stands as is and then does not give you any further information, so as usual you are out the money and merchandise. When receiving 2 pending reversals¬† (from the same user) totaling almost $100 I again called PayPal and of course I did have the pleasure to talk to this extremely rude and nasty amoebae (where do they find these people!..) who’s every first sentence was “PayPal is safe” and every other sentence “Anything Else?”.

She was not going to give me any further information pending “investigation” but could not explain what was being investigated. But, yes, “They would contact local authorities..”. I decided to do my own investigation and found out that the culprit had opened a PayPal-account with stolen Credit Card information, and was living in a small town in the UK. No rocket science. I contacted the local police, and they were very helpful. Of couse, they were and have never been contacted by PayPal.

In the meanwhile PayPal decided that “returning the funds to the sender was determined to be the appropriate action” making the reversals official. Of course, when calling PayPal support, another 1st level support genius would not disclose anything else. “Only with a subpoena” she mentioned. I asked her if they would disclose information to foreign law-officials and that was about the only time that I got a yes from them. In the meanwhile, the helpful UK Police arrested the culprit, and the 16 year old immediately admitted all the facts. He had in fact ripped of many more vendors for many 100s of dollars. In order to further prosecute this guy, and to have a change to get some of the money back, the police needs some more information from PayPal.

And guess what, PayPal does not return calls or emails, not even to a law enforcement officer! So they do not only not combat fraud (as we all know – they); they actually block a fraud-investigation (in which almost all of the work has been done for them). The end-result will most likely be that this guy will walk free and vendors can forget about any compensation. PayPal works hard to protect crooks!!!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:40 am

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