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PayPal Pulled Funds From Wrong Account!

By Jason Lane



I recently have had a horror story with Paypal. I had to make 9 calls into the center and placed on hold for up to 30mins each time.

The program asked me which account I wanted the funds to draw from and I selected an account ending in 8010 and the next page would say “you made a payment”. Everything goes through just fine but several days later I get a overdraft notice from account 6135.

Paypal says I’m missing the “more funding option” link and its my fault. I faxed every page to them of my screens and they still say its not proof! I’m out $150 and a weeks worth of calls and frustration. They offer $25 and make me feel like an idiot, then disconnect my call because I didn’t think that was a resolution.

Worst customer service I have ever seen!!!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 9:53 am

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3 thoughts on “PayPal Pulled Funds From Wrong Account!
  1. Lisa on

    I had a similar problem with a purchase made on 9/23/2014. I had updated my address and bank account I wanted as my primary account from the settings button at the top of the web page (just like their instructions tell you to do) I made a purchase online and used PayPal to pay for it. PayPal had the shipping address changed to my old address and used the wrong bank account. When I called to complain about it I was told the information I changed wasn’t saved because I didn’t use the link at the very bottom of the page that says “Classic site”. You have to go there to actually make any changes and hope they are saved!

  2. Barti Cox on

    Same here, Paypal pulling funds from the wrong account. In future I will assume that Paypal are liars and only use them when I wish to draw from their ‘preferred’ account.