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PayPal Pulled The Plug

By David

“# 1 Jun. 2005: In accordance with PayPal’s User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy, we have closed your account. Your funds may be held for 180 days from the date of your last transaction. After 180 days, you will be able to access your funds by requesting an online bank transfer or, if applicable, a cheque from PayPal. Please update your address or bank information as we cannot be held responsible for cheques issued to an incorrect address. We do ask that you please remove reference(s) to PayPal from your site.”.

Received this nice little message out of the blue from our buddies at Paypal today after happily using them for a good long time. Seems they took exception to one very successful item that was selling loads on eBay UK (an eBook), and now have decided to pull the plug. WHY do they SUDDENLY do this? Why not issue a warning first? I had no idea the item was against their precious “Terms Of Use” and didn’t even check it out. And who reads that stuff anyway?

So now without Paypal I have had to remove just about all my eBay listings which were all basically eBooks (and a few CDs) because it is not feasible to do eBooks and expect people to send you the money in other ways. Or is it? Don’t know because, as we all know, Paypal and eBay are one and the same and if you try to use another payment handler in your auctions, then likely eBay will remove your
listing. So what the heck do I do now? My business is going to suffer if I can’t use an online payment handler which everyone knows. HELP!!!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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