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Why does paypal put a hold on refunds?

Hi i bid and won a laptop on ebay and payed via Paypal only to get an email from seller saying (HI PAYPAL HAVE CONFIRMED THAT PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED BUT FUNDS NOT IN MY ACCOUNT I WILL SEND LAPTOP WHEN I RECEIVE PAYMENT)i replied (AS PAYPAL HAVE CONFIRMED PAYMENT PLEASE SEND LAPTOP AS I HAVE PAYED AND YOU HAVE CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT, WHY THE MONEY IS NOT IN YOUR ACCOUNT IS BETWEEN YOU AND PAYPAL NOT ME.)but this fell on def ears in the end the seller agreed to reverse the payment due to the fact i would not receive the item as promised for Christmas after they found out that the payment went into another pay pal account they forgot they had and reversed the payment.
I received confirmation from paypal that the payment has been reversed and payment has been payed into my account.
But on checking i found that paypal have put a hold on the payment??.
On contacting paypal i was told they are waiting for the payment to clear but in the payment conformation it stated the money was in my account?, i contacted a friend of mine who works in banking and was told their was no need for them to hold on to my money as they could simply negated the transaction as the money had not even been taken out of my account yet due to the Christmas holidays THEY ONLY DO THIS SO THEY CAN GET INTEREST ON YOUR MONEY

Posted: January 8, 2013 at 7:21 pm

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