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PayPal put a monthly limit on my account

I signed up for a PayPal account and somehow, my deceased Father’s name (not even the same last name) appeared on my account. I attempted numerous times to change it. No go. I linked my bank account in order to transfer money from eBay sales, confirmed my account and only then found out about rolling limits. PayPal says it has a monthly limit of 500 and to get that lifted they want your SSN (I tried that but they said they could not verify it – say what? are they now the SSA?) and to confirm your bank account (I already did this) AND to link to a card (tried to do that but again, they would not allow me to actually input MY name on MY account; it still had my Father’s name. So the “monthly limit” is a FRAUD. It’s a way for PP to use YOUR money. As soon as I’m able to transfer the rest of my money out, I’m closing my PP account.

Posted: January 8, 2014 at 9:03 pm

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