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Paypal is going to put me on the street

Horrific !!!….Bringing me to tears of desperation….I rely on my ebay sales for an income as I am unemployed…I am a power seller an have been on ebay for over 10 years…My feedback ratings 100 %…but ebay keeps holding my funds because of getting below 5 star rating on shipping time…I have a 5 day processing time and deliver 100 % of the time within the delivery time period that it states on my listing…in fact I do much better…ebay allows buyers to leave me a below standard rating none-the-less…so if I recieve more than 2% of the below 5 star ratings in a 12 month period…I am labeled a below standard seller which allows paypal to hold all my funds until 3 days after delivery…this can be up to 3 weeks !!!….this means I have no funds to run my business let alone even to live off of for almost a month at a time…THIS IS ABSOLUTLEY KILLING ME !…I AM DIEING !!!…I simply cannot operate my business any other way…I am a one person show selling d
ozens of items every week…I need a few days to wait for payments and prpare packages for shipping…WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????….THey simply do not care…How ignorant of them?…Don’t they realize by shutting me down they loose sales and business???…What’s wrong with them?…How can they expect to improve ther revenue and sales when they hold seller’s funds that they need to operate their business???…I simply cannot believe that it has been allowed to continue as long as this…IT’S FRAUD !…It is UNFAIR & UNJUST BUSINESS PRACTICE…

Posted: November 12, 2012 at 7:14 pm

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One thought on “Paypal is going to put me on the street
  1. Thiegh on

    paypal doesnt care thats for sure. They have ruined many lives and business. I have the same 21 day hold imposed on my account and it is very discouraging after having been a long tome customer with excellent ratings to be treated like I am some sort of rip off artist. Using paypal is becoming more and more difficult to sellers and soon it won’t be worth it at all.