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PayPal Really Is An Ass

By Sharon

Paypal…They really are arses! I have been using Paypal/Ebay for the last two years, fine and dandy no problems. I started to out some transactions through my Paypal for a website business and they started to send me the emails asking for more details, putting the account under review. Two weeks ago I duly faxed all they asked for, received acknowldgement and within a couple of days, I was told all was OK. Then I got another email from them,telling me I was not allowed to use Paypal to sell or purchase tobacco or tobacco products, interesting that one, I dont use paypal for that, i dont smoke nor do i encourage others to smoke, and I certainly have never sold tobacco or any related products. I was aksed to fax all the documtns yet again, like an idiot I did so, they then sent me a snotty email telling me I must agree to their terms of use blah blah so that my ‘review’ could be lifted. No choice in the matter and no way out. I had problems communicating with them all through this, but managed albeit, very slowly, the link did nopt work from the PP website, so had to reply on the back of their emails and on the faxes. They emailed me and said as I has ‘agreed’ the ‘reveiw’ was now lifted, I could do what I liked with my account, should have moved money at this point, but I trusted them, ignorance is not bliss!

I had a bad bad last Thursday, a driver hit my car, then drove off before I could get their details and I have to deal with that now, then I come home and think thats my crap for the day, but Oh No, My mailbox is jammed with emails, I couldnt work out why at first, I had items listed on Ebay but they were not due to end just yet?? When I looked, emails from angry sellers on Ebay, paypal had frozen their payments from my acocunt, I checked through to my acocunt, completely frozen!! They had locked 9 payments I had made and were now again refusing to deal with my enquiries as I was not emailing from the website, I write back to them in no uncertain terms that they were shafting me, not only could I not email them from the site, but I could not look at the details as to why they had done this, the page did not work, how pathetic, screwed both ways!

Eventually I got them to listen, what did they say…fax us your details! They only had them within the last 10-14 days! A delaying tactic now I believe, I have devoutly refused to re fax, Im not losing out any more, I will email them, they have emailed again today to say I have not done this through the ‘secure’ website, again I have shouted in capital letters back at them, they are just thieving gits. Then…Ebay start on me, withdrawing a listing…for a piece of software that is listed another 66 times by other Ebayers, an original item, just an item I bought and found I didnt need and never installed or registered, nothing! I have the receipt from Amazon that Ebay have conveniently chosen to ignore, they accuse me of ‘piracy’ now! Will be cancelling all acocunts and cards I know they details of 1st thing tomorrow and giving the bank written details not to allow PP or Ebay to take any money, I have written this off now, some £400, cant afford to, but cant afford the hassle either, will never ever advocate the use of Paypal to anyone and will only ever use Ebay to buy, they are not having any more of my money.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:29 am

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