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PayPal Really Stinks

By Frank Diliberti

I have 2 Pay Pal stories in the one year that I’ve been using them, 1) I had Bid and won a camera on E-bay, I used Pay pal to Pay for it. Never Received the Camera. So I went through all of the normal channels contacted PayPal, and They Originally gave me credit after 2 months of E-mails. The Post office admited that they sent it to a similar address. A month after receiving credit “TO MY HORROR”, My bank acct was short and all of my checks were Bouncing!!!!!  Paypal Took the money back out of my acct without any notification and cost me $200.00 in bank fee’s. I notifed Them and they said in so many words TOO BAD! So  I closed my acct.  After sending the company who I Paid for the camera-that I didn’t receive, 50 e-mails and months of Frustration-They finally credited me the Money “Back to Pay Pal!!!   Called Pay Pal-They wouldn’t Release the money to me “Because I didn’t have an acct. I had to reopen an acct with Pay Pal Just to get my own Money. 2)  Sold a Brand new Telephone to an E-bayer who Sent me 10 e-mails Praising the phone. The end Right. NO!

The guy who bought The phone, Had Bad credit and sprint would not activate the phone for him. I told him that I was not a phone company and I did not provide phone service, anyway He contacted Pay Pal, and complained that he couldn’t use the phone. So again Pay Pal went into my acct without my knowledge or consent, and yes froze my funds and screwed up my bank acct again. I’ve sent them many E-mail and they just keep me Hanging!  If someone bought a car from me and then couldn’t afford or get Insurance “is that my Fault!  I can’t even close my Pay Pal acct, When they go to replace the funds-The acct has to be active. The day after this happens…..GOODBY   PAYPAL   YOU STINK!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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