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PayPal was no help when I didn’t receive my item

I bought some perfumes from a guy in Italy via ebay in May last year which he sent via EMS. Months and months passed and I received nothing. I checked the EMS tracking website and it said that they had left Italy a few days after I purchased them.

I opened a dispute with Paypal and I sent them all the details including a screenshot of the tracking information.

They then sent me a ‘standard’ email claiming that I had received the package and my dispute was then closed! I appealed their decision again stating that I never received the stuff and again they sent me the same standard email!

After searching around for a while I found their telephone number in Luxembourg and I spoke to a guy there and explained my case. Basically, he didn’t want to know! After countless emails and being ignored by Paypal, I finally decided to dispute it via my credit card. I got the money from them within a week, no questions asked!!!!

I think the package got sent back to the seller and he pocketed the money as well as the merchandise!! and since he has Paypal plus, Paypal took his side.

Paypal and their customer services is total crap!!!

Posted: October 13, 2015 at 7:14 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal was no help when I didn’t receive my item
  1. Guin on

    I was issued an atm/debit card from paypal,they changed it to a Mastercharge charge card, and I thought my purchases were paid for when they were being charged by paypal.Then I received a large pkg. from Electronics place in N.Y. It was with a Bill Me Later account I had never heard of and it was $370. I finally rectified that with the owner in N.Y. But I contacted PayPal and they said they would investigate it as a fraud. I never heard from them again (2013) so I did not pay the $2000 bal paypal said I had because I didn’t know how much was mine and I thought it was a debit account to my bank anyway. Now Im being sued for the $2400.Any help on this?

  2. heather on

    pay pal is a joke i order 16 iteam got 10 pay pal ban me thats wrong if any one know good lawyer let me know do not fuck with pay pal they screw u