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Paypal does not refund clients whole amount

Ok so paypal has always been a pain in the ass but it can be handy, however I am now fed up and am planning to stop using them all together.

I live and work in Mexico, and work in the vacation rental business meaning when people arrive to my office they are always out of their home town.

PayPal has decided that if the person is not in their home town then they must be a hacker using the account rather than the individual.

Ok I understand this, I worked for a bank.

But after taking a $900US deposit and reversing it to my client, they left me with $50US in fees. By this I mean they took $50US from my client and gave it to me for no reason at all.

It says they will refund 100% of money to clients when error or in fraud, but they don’t actually do this. They refund everything except the fee and then for some retarded reason credit my account with the fee, making my clients think I am ripping them off, when honestly I am not.

Has anyone else had this? It is very bizarre, and has happened to me a number of times before.

Posted: August 24, 2012 at 3:10 pm

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2 thoughts on “Paypal does not refund clients whole amount
  1. Danica on

    An easy solution to this would be what the banks do; call and ask their account holder if this is a legit transaction and that would take care of this. But paypal doesn’t want to be bothered by something that would make sense. And why in the world aren’t your customers getting a full refund. I have never heard of such a thing. THat makes you look like an ass and not a good thing for business.

  2. momoftwins on

    Nothing is simple or true with paypal. Of course they are going to take fees that they shouldn’t even charge. This is how they stay in business by stealing innocent peoples money.