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PayPal refunded scammer

A couple of months ago we sold a set of wheels to a guy in the Ukraine, we used Paypal as our payment method. We followed their protocol as such, sent the goods to the customer by TNT International courier. Once the customer received the wheels, a few days later he called Paypal and told them he never ordered anything on his Paypal account. I called Paypal and told them we have proof of delivery, dozens of emails from the client and contact details. Guess what they refunded him! We are out of pocket £1700.00 plus carriage of about £300.00. How is this protection? I am livid to say the least. Paypal have basically played their hand as normal. Please help or share this story so that we can name and shame Paypal!

Posted: December 4, 2013 at 5:19 pm

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One thought on “PayPal refunded scammer
  1. Jen on

    Same going on with me. Bought from what looked like a UK site – – only to receive totally wrong items. From Thailand as well. Turns out they are in Thailand making a fortune, sent out fake DVDs, take money, Paypal make you send them back to a phoney address. I doubt if I will ever see my money or any DVDs and its cost me fifty quid for the pleasure. Even have a crime reference number. PayPal could not care less.