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PayPal Refused Appeal

By Cyndi Whitly

Paypal froze my funds and then I called and a rep told me I could appeal the decision for whatever reason they froze the funds, he said take care of the outstanding complaints by doing refunds, these complaints were not even people wanting refunds they were just unsatisfied with their product, there were only 4 people and I refunded them in hopes I’d get the acct back like the rep
(actually a supervisor) told me.  I refunded over $600 for nothing and my buyers kept their watches, etc. then I get an email saying I appreciate your attempts to refund your buyers but your account still cannot be appealed. 

Then another rep before that told me to put $176 of my own money by bank transfer (add funds) in my other account and she’d transfer it to my husband’s account to refund my last buyer and repeat attempts to fax her and email and call her and she still hasn’t transferred that, so that money is locked as well as my other account even though that money wasn’t even from any buyer it’s my own money from my add funds transfer.  They did the ACH and kept it.  They also cancelled my husband’s account and he’s a completely different person and doesn’t even SELL anything online, they cancelled his because he was linked to mine by the same DNS/IP and login info location.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:03 pm

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