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PayPal Refused To Listen

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

My daughter and I have an ebay selling business called Sweetsell. We sell items for clients on ebay and charge them a commission. We sold a Lladro to a person in Florida and shipped the item registered priority mail insured. It was an expensive item $1499. It arrived broken and the buyer refused to apply for the postal insurance and filed a claim with paypal. They gave him the money and refused to listen to any information that we had to offer. The buyer said we broke the Lladro and then mailed it to him. Of course we wouldn’t have done this as we had 35 of these expensive Lladros to sell. It was such an arbitray decision that I was shocked. We had already paid our client, so we are out $2300. Thankfully we were advised to apply for the postal insurance and they paid us eventually…

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:27 am

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