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PayPal refuses to stop charging me for cancelled order

Order went through 2 times, vendor cancelled the mistake, paypal won’t accept that and tries to deduct double money for mistake purchase, tried to tell them it was corrected, no money in my account to cover two purchases, they said too bad, can’t stop automated process. I paid the vendor with a money order, withdrew all my funds from my account, paypal tries 3 times a week to deduct the double amount, my account charges a NSF fee each time, twice, finally a big shot from NYC after a month calls me and askse when I’m going to deposit the #400 for these NSF fees,,,,( they have paid out exactly NO MONEY)….I say you’re not getting it. Finally I find a female bank manager willing to check out the situation, sees that the bank didn’t pay out ANYTHING here, what is the problem?? after explaining it all they agree to cancel the NSF fees. And paypal CRIES (sob sob) as I cancel the account with them. NEVER again will ANYONE get access to a bank account of mine !!!

Posted: February 28, 2014 at 5:02 pm

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