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Is PayPal even regulated?

Does anybody know which department in the U.S. oversees the practices taken by paypal?

To summarize, seller did not list any shipping (zero), I won the bid and then my secretary paid the bill but when I reviewed the bill I found that $79+ had been added to the amount for shipping. Paypal found in my favor and wanted me to ship back the item AT MY COST/loss (what a potential scam that is). I called and was told that the seller would be contacted to pay the shipping label and I said why don’t I just keep the item I “won” and he simply refund the money which was illegitimately taken from me. They said okay they will contact the seller in that regard and then I receive an email that states they find NOT in my favor (!!!). WTF?

What entity can operate this unethical way?

Posted: October 28, 2014 at 6:58 pm

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One thought on “Is PayPal even regulated?
  1. Rosemary Raymer on

    I was bilked out of $35 last week to “settle” an account with PayPal that I never opened. They were to close the account as part of the settlement. Tonight I got a bill for $104. What is wrong with these people? Obviously they are robbing me, anyone else? Suggestions for getting this to stop?