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Is PayPal Regulated

By Dawn

Thanks for the website-I was just about to sign up.  Is C2it any better? Are they regulated?  I would have thought there would be laws governing anyone receiving and distributing funds.  Even credit unions are regulated! Keep up the good work.  I think these people had a great idea, and could have been a HUGE business, with a great future.  You’re right-customer service is a priority.  Thanks to your site, I now know to fully investigate any on-line payment service, and not to move any amount of money I’m not willing to lose.  Keep up the good work.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:42 am

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One thought on “Is PayPal Regulated
  1. Susan Kerr on

    Paypal caused me 600.00 in overdraft fees because they pulled funds from a different bank than the one I designated. What can I do?