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Paypal isn’t releasing my money to me after sale

I sold a saddle on Craig’s List and the woman wanted to pay me via paypal which I have never had and never wanted, however because she lived across the country, I did open an account for this purpose only and planned to close it thereafter.

Paypal came up with some 7 year old claim that resulted from an identity theft issue which I dealt with via police, bank all the credit reporting bureas and even cleared it up with paypal’s collection company by sending them all this information and getting a letter back saying they were apologetic and everything was fine and this makes no difference, I have called and talked with paypal at least 7 times and gotten absolutely nowhere. Therefore I faxed all of the information involved with this matter which was quite a lot and they conveniently “lost” it. Afterward I mailed it to the company address as well as the corporate address in CA by registered mail with signature required. So far after a month, they still have my $930. and I have nothing.

The buyer got her saddle a week after I received or thought I received the money via paypal and the sale price included the cost of shipping as it was $129.00 which I had to pay up front in order to get the saddle to her and did so UPS and she got it 1 week later. I am sick of waiting and sick of dealing with PayPal and I filed a complaint with the Consumer Credit Bureau and still nothing. I expect not only my money as well as interest for all the time they have withheld it. What do I do? Sue?

Posted: July 11, 2014 at 6:15 pm

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One thought on “Paypal isn’t releasing my money to me after sale
  1. Dan Baker on

    How often do people get this treatment? It is obvious PayPal is aware, so why are they being allowed to continue HOLDING PEOPLES MONEY as LOONNGG as THEY can in order to make INTEREST ON THEIR CUSTOMERS MONEY?
    They have a BOOK of excuses, and that is only if you can find a real human to reply via some third world. Somebody tell PayPal they only call it the virtual world it is still our money and in a time of immediate transfers, communication, Etc.
    Not to mention are they in violation by not allowing other pay portals to operate in a fair manner?