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PayPal Removed My Money

By Cheryl Swanson

Paypal removed money belonging to me from my account  to refund someone that had already recieved and acknowledged the item bought from me.  Paypal has threatened me with a lawsuit, a debt collector and threatening letters.

They say it was bought with a stolen bank card which it wasn’t. The person involved said it was his, but he says he paid me once he won’t be paying me again.  He also said he was a investigator and would take me to a small claims court,  so I was over a barrel whichever way I looked.

I lost the goods and my money,  I have since recieved emails from this person goading me. I have no-doubt he will do it again,  Paypal is on the side of the buyer there is no help for a seller whatsoever all the phone calls in the world won’t stop
paypal from doing what they do best,  which is stealing honest people’s money. 

When you sign up with paypal you put all your trust in them  leaving them with bank card numbers, you give them the authority to accept credit card payments they should face the libility if they are stolen.

 I say paypal is as crooked as the crooks they help, take a warning don’t deal with them.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:03 am

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One thought on “PayPal Removed My Money
  1. Angel on

    Yes, you’re right on the Paypal company stupid and fraudulent