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PayPal needs to Restore $ 200 USD to my account!


2 months I am very disappointed and outraged by the actions of employees PAYPAL, that my letters back and do not get adequate response Paypal need to reimbursed $ 200 USD, which at 28/5/2013 PAYPAL download from my personal bank account and $ 200 USD make a wire transfer service site -

Bank PAYPAL. Denied for 80 days, take responsibility and my refund of $ 200 USD! This greatly disappointed me and I think that such a scandal – gaffe would never have made the former president PAYPAL Mr.SCOTT THOMPSON

I expect Mr.DAVID MARCUS, president PAYPAL to assist me and the amount. Restore in personal bank account and to receive an apology from management PAYPAL.

If it still does not happen, my intentions are to seek assistance from the Department of Computer Crime and insist on an investigation to make money laundering!

I am disabled at 60 doctor of medical and psychological sciences, and will not allow a mockery of my personality and abuse my money $ 200 USD!
We PAY PAL. Assume personal responsibility that has made partnership and complicity with a rogue website DOEMAILS.COM!
According to the rules and laws should be reimbursed me $ 200 USD immediately, rather than hanging around me because I’m sick, disabled and I’m about expensive medical treatment!
My request to give me access to personal contact with President Mr.DAVID MARCUS was not my attention! Ugly and immoral act of employee-associates PAYPAL

For these reasons, I now find timely notification of your user solve my problem! And proatestiram a mockery of PAYPAL Internet customers who trust them to open the portal of your bank account!

Posted: August 12, 2013 at 6:33 pm

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