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Paypal placed more restrictions on my account

Less than 72 hours after the initial restriction placed on my Paypal account were lifted (the 90 day period having been fufilled) I recieved an email stating that due to the ‘higher than normal’ risk associated with my eBay account (Bronze Powerseller status after only 90 days, 100% positive feedback, High Policy Compliance, High DSR’s) my payments recieved would again be held for 21 days (more like 45 in most cases). It’s outragous and criminal. Will someone please hold these thieves accountable!! Are there any class action lawsuits being filed that I could join? Why is there no involvement from the government? Why is eBay / Paypal allowed to exist as a completely unregulated bank? Every day we fail to act to bring down this company is an endourcement of their crooked policies and a slap in the face to honest sellers who are being taken advantage of.

Posted: May 24, 2012 at 3:26 pm

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3 thoughts on “Paypal placed more restrictions on my account
  1. Kevin on

    I know there are tons of class action lawsuits against paypal. Its all over google. they are not federally regulated with a bank so they can make up the rules as they go along and f%^k everyone in their path. I seriously HATE this company and cant wait to see the day they are taken down for good!!!

  2. Buster42 on

    I can’t stand how paypal keeps putting holds on my account. I have proven to them that I am a highly rated seller with no disputes but still they insist on putting a hold on my paypal account. I can’t run a business this way always having to guess/hope for my money to be released to me. It’s impossible doesn’t paypal get that?

  3. Drew on

    PayPal strikes again…with more restrictions! WTF?! I found that once Paypal messed with my account they just continued to mess with my account…same damn thing holding my money for 21 days before deposit. I am looking for something/somewhere/some way else to earn money because Paypal is holding mine too long and taking more than their fair share. They are crooks!