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PayPal Won’t Retract

By Linda Russell

I entered a bid on eBay on an item with 7 minutes left on the clock.  At the end of the auction I was sent an e-mail that I won the auction.  I made payment of $585.00 through PayPal and same was deducted from my checking account.  After the $585.00 was deducted I received an e-mail from the Seller that he couldn’t let the item go for only $585.00 and he would not be honoring bid.  I said that was O.K. because I really couldn’t afford the item, I knew it was worth much more than $585.00.  I asked him to refund my money and he told me that I should have PayPay retract the payment from his PayPal account. 

Nearly 2 months have passed, PayPal has not retracted my money and the Seller still has it.  He has said in numerous e-mails to me that the money would be returned but it hasn’t been.  Note, he was an unauthorized Seller on e-Bay.  I have been given a phone number for the Seller in Orlando, FL but every time I call (no matter what time of day) the phone is always busy. At this point, the Seller has the item and my money.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:10 am

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