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PayPal ignored my NO Return Policy

Sold an item on eBay. Buyer paid. Shipped item. Buyer contacted me, admitted he bought the wrong item, wanted to return it. I had photos and no returns permitted plastered all over the ebay listing. Buyer says he returned item but I never received it. Post Office shows item delivered but they do not have a record of delivery address. Buyer left neg feedback on ebay (my first neg in over 550 feedbacks. PayPal charged back the amount paid by buyer despite my doing nothing wrong and buyer admitted he bought wrong item. PayPal demanded that I fund my PayPal account so they can get the chargeback money, which I refused to do. PayPal suspended my account. WRote several letters to PayPal, no resolution, they want the money. Attorney threated legal action against PayPal, no resolution, they want the money. Account remains suspended/frozen. What’s the point of having a no return policy is paypal does whatever they want? I run my business not paypal!

Posted: September 11, 2012 at 4:29 pm

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3 thoughts on “PayPal ignored my NO Return Policy
  1. Jonah on

    when using paypal you you sign your rights way, paypal is pretty much running your business and reaping the rewards. all you do is work for them and hope you’ll get your money but you are certainly not in charge. My paypal account was limited after winning a dispute a buyer had filed. Not sure what I did wrong there but Paypal had me by the balls and all I could do is jump through their hoops but after sending in everything they asked for my account remains suspended.

  2. Tom on

    But you can’t just decide to have a ‘no returns’ policy because you feel like it. Buyers are covered under the long distance selling act. Look it up. The buyer has every right to change their mind for a full refund and paypal were right to take the money back. Your issue is with the post office not delivering it.

    • RonZa on

      Uh, Tom- you’d better look it up. DSR has no application in the U.S. It’s a (repealed in June 2094, by the way) Euro/ UK regulation. It has no application whatsoever to the seller to which you chimed in.