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Paypal reversed my payment without letting me know

So I was upgrading my collection of steel guitars and made three major purchases three days in a row. PayPal arbitrarily just decided I should not buy the third one and reversed the charge without contacting me. The seller re-listed the item so I had to contact him and tell him I still wanted the thing. After three calls to PP, nothing. The money ended up in MY account and NOT the sellers, so it was now left to me to make the transaction from my PP account to the seller. Didn’t the seller pay a percentage for PP to do this?

Last night I sold a $56 item to a guy with 100% positive feedback (like myself) and he paid within one hour. Then I was notified that I won’t receive my money until March 8 which is like three weeks out. That’s it. I’m DONE. The pity for eBay and PP because I was just getting ready to sell about $25,000 worth of coins. Not now. NEVER again.

Posted: February 22, 2013 at 7:49 pm

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