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Paypal is reversing payments despite no complaints

I offer items on eBay that can be sent trough email but even though I offer by mail and cannot offer it electronically in my listings – due to eBay rules, Many buyers request and expect their items emailed so I let them know about the rules and offer to still email after cleared PP payment, Many of these buyers also claimed not to waste money on shipping because they will not need the original mailed to them – so by their request It was not.

PayPal has always worked okay for me before, But now they have recently held and reversed two payments basically because I could not provide tracking or prove the original item was shipped to the buyer, I explained all this to them and got no response except that they have basically ripped me off by reversing these payments on me for no reason. Buyers did not complain they redeemed their emailed items and were very happy yet now confused as to why PayPhoe ;) would reverse the payment that they paid me. Been with PayPal a while now but if they keep it up, I’ll be droppin’ them like a deuce soon.

Posted: March 21, 2013 at 4:55 pm

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