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PayPal is ruthless

Paypal Ebay are the most terrible vicious scammers I have ever had to deal with.
Ebay shown wrong low dollar pricing $15.89 for all My products even though I am selling between $15.89 up to $950.00.
I called all week for hours to have it sorted but nothing was ever changed.
Hiked phone bills, tears, pain, cheated. They then guess what!!! limited My account with no appeal.
I am lost for words, shocked etc but thank goodness millions of people are doing something about it.
I pray that Paypal gets crashed, massive lawsuits, and out of business completely.
UN and big organisations must stop them. COMMON !!!
They have caused millions psyicological torture, ruthless, souless lunatics.
We dont need them at all.
Millions of people and companies out there are making billions of money without Paypal ebay.

Posted: February 7, 2013 at 6:50 pm

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