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PayPal Says No Comment

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

firstly i would like to thank my friend Steven for pointing me to this website!.

I have been using paypal for the best part of 2years, i had never had any problems with them until january this year (2005). I recieved an e-mail from paypal saying “dear member, as a security precaution you account has been frozen, we can not comment any futher on the matter, we will be in touch soon” Soon!? Ha it was 5 weeks before i heard anything from them, and then it was to tell me they was investigating my account, yet again they refused to say why.

i called the customer service number and asked to speak to a supervisor, after hours of holding i was finnaly transfered to a supervisor, i asked him to look at my account and explain why it has been frozen and why it was under investigation and when i would get all the money i had in it, he said he couldnt comment and that i would be contacted soon, i told him it wasnt a good enough explanation and demanded that i have access to my account, he said he couldnt do that and hungup. Thats when i started to get really mad, i canceled my credit card and blocked paypals access to my bank account, i called paypal again the following day and spoke to another supervisor who told me my account was under investiagtion for fraud and that they had recived several complaits, also i wouldnt be allowed access to my $7,300.00 incase paypal needed to refund anyone.

i told them i had recieved no complaints and that they had no right to hold my money, i told them that if i didnt recieve my money immediatly i would consider legal procedings, yet again i was told there was nothing they could do, a few days later i recieved notifacation that i could again use my account, i logged in and found i only had $6,300.00 i looked at my payments summary and they had refunded 3 of my previous transactions and said that i was to withdraw my balance and discontinue using there services, they also stated that i had 24hrs to withdraw my money and close my account.

i would recommend anyone using paypal to withdraw all funds and close there account before something happens to them.

Fraudsters, theifs, scam artists. just a few words that come to mind when i think of paypal.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:21 am

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