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I Was Scammed

By Louise

I was scamed so bad. They still have $4,955.00 of mine. I have to do the run down again.I had to fax all the infrmation to them, bank statements ,cc statments, verify address,phone,billing address,license,ss card,.They said ” you never sent the information in. ” then I did all that again. The 2nd time the story was that they never received any information regarding my account. This is the 3rd time and i sent it by messenger courior. they willl have to sign for it. If the secretary loses it, I am going to ask them for their information, and have them verify shit. I am so tired of all this. my lawyer said that if we do not get a response in 3 days , he is going to start a lawsuit, and ROCK SHIT LIKE A 5.0. AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE THAT! WELL GOT2 GO THANKS FOR LISTENING.


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:22 am

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