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PayPal Scams Billions

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

proud new ebay member got scammed 3 weeks later.I wanted a¬†motorcycle.My friend told me about ebay,thought I’d try it.I bid on a bike but got outbid.the auction ended.Two days later I get a second chance notice from seller.I emailed him, he offered me the bike for what I bid. He said I would be contacted by ebay on details to finalize deal.I received an email from ebay telling me to wire money and bike would be at my door step 3 days later.After 4 days I contacted ebay.They informed me transaction happened outside of ebay.

NO ONE WILL HELP!!local police referr me to FBI,they referr me to fraud center who just takes information and thats it.I have emailed ebay but don’t get anywhere.I am so frustrated.I thought ebays sight would be safer than this.I thought ebay would have my back.Found out your on your own.SHAME ON ME FOR BEING SO STUPID!!I am doing what I can to track him down myself.yeah good luck with that huh!Myfriend told me to use paypal,after reading these post.I don’t think it matters.Why can’t e-bay do a better job safe guarding from the evil people.If any one knows the true stats on people getting ripped off from e-bay I would like to know.They should post it.JUST LIKE MCDONALDS.BILLIONS and BILLIONS SCAMMED!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:04 am

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