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PayPal allows seller with bad history to continue selling

I would like to register an issue that I have with PayPal.

I purchased a phone cover from eBay using a guest account for AUS$24.9. the cover was described as brand new.

The seller sent me an used one which looks like two years old. I complained to eBay, but I was referred to Paypal because it was a guest account.

Paypal said the seller has a history of selling old and faulty items so they decided that I could do a claim. But their condition is that I return this cover with a tracking number. The seller is in the UK and I am in Australia, I found the postage is $24.2 after I checked online.(the item is $24.9) I emailed paypal but got no reply, I left a message on their website for them to call me back but there is no contact. This is not about money, I am frustrated that paypal is actually encouraging the seller to do so by setting up this condition on me. So I decided to spend as much time as I need to complain about this issue to relevant organizations.

Posted: August 11, 2014 at 7:23 pm

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One thought on “PayPal allows seller with bad history to continue selling
  1. K Mont on

    Why don’t a bunch of people go to an attorney (a real money hungry one) who specializes in class action suits. It would very easy to get thousands of people to join in after getting screwed by Paypal. The guy that hosts this site should start it. LOL Not really very funny though to be in a bad money situation, especially when seller has done no wrong, & Paypal holds all the cards to take his sale receipts from his account, freeze the account, and screw him to wall. Nothing one can do to fix a problem once Paypal decides otherwise. No wonder Paypal makes so much money. AND THERE IS NO SELLER PROTECTION EITHER !!!!!!! That is a fantasy or a simple come on so they can suck you in.