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Paypal service is the WORST we ever experienced!!!

We made the payment last year, Paypal`s is holding our money to our merchant, not paying our merchant, not returning the money back to us. We have sent millions of emails and have been on phone with US for hours in the last few months (we live in Hong Kong!!!). After talking to many different customer service officers of paypal, we were finally told by their supervisor of customer service dept. Sean (extension No. 45560) that he doesn`t know what we can do and that nothing can be done from Paypal`s side! Our bank has confirmed with Paypal`s bank which is the Royal bank of Scotland many times that the RBS is holding the money which shall be paid to our merchant, but when we deal with Paypal, they said they won`t deal with their own bank, they won`t do anything!!! The money has been sitting with Paypal forever!!!!!!!! Is this how they make all the money, by stealing bits of pieces from every customer? This is the worst customer service we have ever experienced with any company on the world, unbelievable, unglaublich!!!

Posted: February 20, 2013 at 7:28 pm

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