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Yet Another Locked Account


Well after finding this website I cannot believe the Federal Gov. is not involved in the paypal saga. I had been with paypal for over 2 years. it worked great.  Until I sold 3 items to a guy in a diff country.  He paid fast via paypal. I sent the items but the guy assured me that i could send it usps. I usually send things ups out of country. 

Needless to say he ripped me off got over 600+ bucks in equipment and then reversed the charges on his credit card. paypal in return took the money out of my account and froze it. I had other transactions going on as well. so they deducted those payments from my -600.00 balance. I now stand at being frozen for over -450.00. I cannot get my account opened until I pay that. Which I will NOT! 

The guy got my equip + the money. Can’t contact him. Paypal will not help. They don’t give a crap.  Sucky online company I hope they finally get theirs.  I’m a single mom working 2 jobs to support my daughter and used paypal as alittle bit of “free” money to spend with my girl.  now i’m back to working my butt off and still not having anything to show for it.  Paypal ___blah… PayHell!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:39 am

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