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PayPal Shows No Love

By Lee

After dealing with paypal for over 10 days and over 10 emails and 2 phone calls conerning a false chargeback for $500 based on a bogus buyer’s “not as described” claims, I now know what Michael Jackson and Paypal have in common….They Both Paid Over $9 Million Dollars to avoid a Law Suit – in order to HIDE the TRUTH that they SUCK!, but at least with Michael you might get a kiss and some jesus juice, not with PayPal as they show NO LOVE at all, and further more I would trust my 10 year old with Michael Jackson FASTER than I would trust PAYPAL with $10 bucks!.

Why do they call it Paypal?…They sure don’t Pay and the’re nobodys Pal, they should call it “BigDummy” because that’s what I feel like for doing business with them for almost 2 years and over 300 transactions and too much money in fees to caculate for “No Customer Service” service, help me Elizabeth “I’m comming…it’s the big one this time”….and what’s the differnce between ebay and paypal…none…as ebay pushes paypal at ever click of the mouse, the BS of paypal makes ebay the “Great Walmart” of auction sites, but it’s all at the seller’s expense……the seller’s that made ebay and paypal now have the least value of all concerned at ebay and paypal. Damn me for not supporting any other auction site…..The Great Monopoly Ebay/Paypal “Sell Your Crap” GODS of the Internet, they giveth and they taketh away…

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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