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PayPal Shut Me Down

By Sam

Paypal shut me down and said I had no appeal.  With persistence and politeness, I finally was able to show them the facts and they agreed they’d made a mistake.  They reinstated me on the condition that I sign an online affadavit stating that I HAD violated their policy and since I had a big sale coming up using paypal, I agreed.

They accused me of violating their mlm policy by offering a widely used 2-tier affiliate program.  What they didn’t notice is that the affiliate page, which came with a turnkey website I’d bought 2-3 years prior, was non-functional, a dead page, with no way possible to join.  And that no sales had ever been even made on that site.

When I showed them this, 5 days later, they reinstated my account but still made me agree that I had violated the policy.

What concerns me now is that 1000s of people who for some reason still believe that simple, honest, 2 tier affilaite marketing is legitimate, are going to get picked off a dozen or so at a time because of this.

And frankly, we can’t wait for the Google payment processor to come out.

Just thought you should know since this problem is a unique one but will end up affecting many 1000s of people.


Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:57 am

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