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PayPal sides with fraud buyer despite my clear proof.

Paypal opened a case against me where buyer said his card was used fraudulently. I responded to the case with proof the buyer bid on the item on eBay, won the auction, paid for it, the item was shipped and received at his validated paypal address, etc…, but paypal A: opened a second case on the same item, refunded the buyer, then B closed it with some lame excuse about the payment never being accepted. Then they closed the case on which I provided the evidence.

Secondly. I went to remove a backup finding source from paypal and kept getting an error that I can’t do that while an instant transfer is pending. But there is no transfer pending that I could find and more importantly should not be any transfer pending.

I tried calling paypal and got sick of sitting on hold so freaking long (an hour at least) I hung up! I’ve tried sending emails to no avail. So, it seems that the message PayPal is sending me is that there is no customer service at PayPal so either take it up the #$% or quit using PayPal

Posted: June 22, 2015 at 7:35 pm

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One thought on “PayPal sides with fraud buyer despite my clear proof.
  1. Jim on

    I had a very recent incident that was extremely similar. Buyer had a positive feedback; Buyer’s PayPal account was a verified account. I received notice from both eBay and PayPal that the $225 item had sold and payment had been received and credited to my account. Both told me that I should ship the item immediately, which I did.
    The next day, after I had shipped the item, Buyer and PayPal account both issued complaints that their account(s) had been used without authorization. Good ole reliable PayPal did exactly the same thing: charged back my PP account and refunded the Buyer.

    I believe PP and EB are technically co-conspirators in this scam, simply because they have aided and abetted the perpetrator(s) of the fraud.

    I fortunately transferred $200 of the PP funds to my personal bank the night I was notified of payment. Amazingly, the funds transferred within a few hours and I received $200 of the $225. Now, however, PayPal has my account showing a negative balance and they are demanding I add money to it. Fat chance!!!!!

    I guess I’m forced into abandoning my eBay and PP accounts and any future business, but that is better than getting cheated any further.