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PayPal sides with known scammer

I paid for personal training and coaching via PayPal in the amount of $2000. After learning that the person was a scam I notified PayPal and disputed the transaction. I told them I had proof of another person who was scammed as well and also names of others who had been scammed in the past. PayPal denied my claim stating they do not cover intangible items and now I am on he hook for $2000 that I owe PayPal credit. Total busllshit. I now have filed with the online internet fraud website and have to wait an see the outcome when all of this could’ve been resolved if PayPal would have reversed the transaction.

Posted: February 6, 2015 at 8:11 pm

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One thought on “PayPal sides with known scammer
  1. Cindy on

    I bought a fish on eBay on March 24, 2015 and it arrived sick. I have an email from the seller admitting that the fish WAS sick when he had sent it to me! I contacted the seller (bettanique79) right away to let him know that the poor fish was sick and I also let him know the following day (I was too upset to contact him as soon as the fish died – I watched the fish die and it was traumatic to watch). In the seller’s listing it states ” Prior to shipping, your fish will be thoroughly inspected for any damages and sickness. In the event that we find any damage or sickness, you will be notified and reimbursed. If there are no damages or sickness, we will ship your Betta. ” The fish WAS sick and the seller knew that it was sick and the seller, eBay, and PayPal will not issue me a refund. The seller committed FRAUD and eBay and PayPal are both allowing him to do this.