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Paypal tried to sneak in $885 charge on an authorized transaction

I had a Buyer Protection Case opened against me for $885.00. This caused Paypal to enter a negative balance of $885.00 in my Paypal account. I decided to do nothing about this until the Buyer Protection Case was resolved. The big problem occurred when I made a payment of $142.00 on my Paypal Mastercard. I got the verification for authorization to withdraw $142.00 from my bank account to pay the Mastercard bill and clicked OK. The next day, my bank called me to verify the transaction, because there were 2 transactions submitted on the one authorization. You guessed it; Paypal piggybacked the negative balance $885.00 onto the $142.00 Mastercard payment and attempted to withdraw $1027.00 from my bank account. I put a stop payment on the transaction.

Posted: November 19, 2012 at 6:49 pm

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