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PayPal Spawn Of Satan

By James

Paypal the spawn of Satan himself, I made a sale on ebay all went through fine for a $250 Cisco IP Phone, there was no problem and I shipped the item out. The money was removed from my Paypal account straight away as I don’t trust Paypal (I have been stung once before). Here is where the fund begins. The buyer submits to Paypal that he has not recieved the item, no problem I have a tracking number for the item and check on yes the item has been sent and it is sitting in a post office in oxford street. I email Payhell and the buyer to advise that he has missed the delivery and just needs to pick it up. No response from the buyer at this point Payhell have removed the money from my Paypal account and suspended it. The buyer doesnt respond to emails and has of yet no t cancelled his dispute or picked the item up. I am out of pocket and at present have had 2 non paying bid alearts as I cannot pay for paypal only items against my account. I have cancelled my credit cards as Paypal will not allow me to remove them off the account and I don’t trust them with this negative balance not to take the money off them. I now place on all my ebay adverts to check this site for the reason I won’t pay the wonderful payhell. Stay away there business practices are disgusting and after numerous calls and emails they still have not released my account.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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