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Paypal Stole $500,000 From ME!!!!!!

I was saving money in my paypal account. One day, I get a call from PayPal and am told that I forgot to pay someone money ($40). So I tell them to go on ┬átake the required amount and they say “Ok” and hang up. So later that day, I go to Walmart To Get a Deluxe Set Of the Nintendo Wii U. When I swipe my PayPal card that is associated with my PayPal account. When I checkout on the Wii U, The Walmart worker says “This card doesn’t have enough money”. So I’m just standing there with my mind saying,”WTF?!”. I tell the worker that i’ll go see whats wrong and when I get on my account, I see that PayPal removed $450,000 from my account for paying purposes. And after that I get really mad and call PayPal and they say they can’t do anything about it. And then after that, I go to the police and tell them my problem. They couldn’t do anything about it. (BTW, That $500,000 was half of my lifetime money). So I went home and I cried my ass off (Because its half of my lifetime money. Duhhhh.) although I was 25 years old. There my Goddamn story about how PayPal, FUCKING STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: April 11, 2014 at 6:47 pm

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2 thoughts on “Paypal Stole $500,000 From ME!!!!!!
  1. 0987u654 on

    If paypal took your money, I don’t have ANY sympathy for you whatsoever!

    Anyone with half a brain in their head KNOWS paypal is nothing but a scam!

    My god, how much do you need to lose before you wake up and use some common sense?

  2. Sean on

    I think you are lying.