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PayPal Stole My Money

By Phil

I started a Paypal account about a month ago as well as an Ebay account.  I have sold a few items and everything was going smoothly, until, I get an email that says “Account Access Limited”

I only have 76.00 in there, but it’s still MY money, not their’s!!  I sent in ALL the info they asked for and ultimately, they sent an email saying my account was related to other unresolved accounts.  After I called them to tell them that wasn’t true, they said there was nothing they could do.

So I guess they “Stole” my money.  I though in the this great land of ours that stealing was against the law!  We need to embrace the law and put an end to Paypal’s theivery once and for all!


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm

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7 thoughts on “PayPal Stole My Money
  1. Cody Whitley on

    Paypal stole 6k from me. :/ They are the biggest bunch of money stealing dicks on the internet

  2. George on

    Paypal stole $650.00 of mine. They first blocked my account, requested certain info which I provided, still kept the account blocked then just closed the account. It’s gone, nothing, zilch…..along with my money.

  3. ronnie hillyard on

    They have just stole £500 of mine for 180 . I can pay nothing I cant pay fees to ebay nothing… what is more a concern I had money in paypal account I was going t8 usefor my mortgage….. all I want to do now is get my money and escape paypal forever crooks all of em

  4. Thomas Annis on

    I would like everyone to know that paypal is running a PONZI SCAM there pretty much BROKE, They hold peoples money for no reasons up to 6months to make there stocks look better! I have been running a Activate Ebay ad for 7yrs with no bad feedback No disputes, no charge backs NEVER! Then paypal limits my account once i started making more money! I asked them why? They stated i broke the UAC So i had to wait on a rep after going back and forth voa email for a week to finally call me, His answer was We just look at accounts random and feel like we just dont want to do no more business with you! Your Account will be limited and funds held for over 180days! Keep in mind all theses items were delivered to there customers already months back without any disputes or charge backs. STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL I’m telling you they will steal your funds!

  5. Sabrina white on

    I am a new user, have 100% positive feedback and shipped all my sales with tracking and then I had $500 pending (because of the 21 day hold) The funds were supposed to clear this week and I needed my money, then Pay Pal Limited my account! They told me they were suspicious to where I get my items from and they said I have to wait 180 for my funds! I am beyond upset. They are FRAUDS!!!!

  6. PayPal Victim on

    PayPal stole $500 from me. They transferred it to someone else’s account that had a negative balance. You cannot trust them with you money or your account information. Sooner or later they will screw you over.

  7. Shannon on

    I was using PayPal for merchant services, when one day my accounts access was limited. They have only taken $115, but they won’t let me get my money back.