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PayPal Stole One Yen

By Gavin Hanson

hi well conducting some tests for my web hosting company i noticed that paypal had robbed me of 1 yen it isnt allot i know and its stupid but the fact that they did it got me real mad and i started kicking off at them but my friend who sent me the 1 yen to test out my automated hosting system was taken and the fact that i have customers paying me like $190 per month for dedicated servers etc what happens if one of them get taken?

i hate paypal i wish i could find something thats secure ! i checked out nochex that is good more people should go that way but its not as popular and not as reliable (uptime not service) paypal is always online and nochex sometimes goes offline anyway after sending an email to paypal and making a fool of myself shouting about 1yen they didnt reply so i sent them several more including 2 with viruses and then they replied your account is suspended with $2700 per month going into it i couldnt get a penny out so i reported them to fair traiding standards and they have warned paypal once more they get a complaint they will be closed down perminantly being followed by there partners eBay. shame isnt it i liked to watch them squirm they then send my #17000+ to my bank from hosting and now i have to make all my customers pay via cheque.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:55 am

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