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PayPal recently tried (sucessfully) to bill my checking account

I hope you can advise me. About 15 years ago I tried using PayPal and didn’t like it. Since then, every few years, they try billing my checking account. The people at my bank (Trustco) are not that smart at all; right after the first time I told them that I do not do business with them and any request from them is going to be fraudulent. It happened again recently. PayPal billed my checking account (successfully). If I had not seen my statement then I never would have discovered it. Luckily the money was refunded promptly with the help of the trustco fraud department. The thing I’d that I keep getting email from them about “important changes” and to log into PayPal to view them. I have tried many times to contact PayPal and they always ask for my account number on the web page. The thing is that I do not have an account with them. I am not certain how they got my checking account information but they do have it. Is there a way for me to have peace and have them stop?

Posted: July 15, 2013 at 6:46 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal recently tried (sucessfully) to bill my checking account
  1. Homer on

    You said “Is there a way for me to have peace and have them stop?”

    Easy solution:
    I’d close my checking account and open a completely different one. I’m very surprised your bank didn’t recommend this immediately.

    Personally, I NEVER use my main bank account, debit card, etc for ANY internet activity. I always keep a completely SEPARATE account for this and don’t keep very little money in it.

    Keep this in mind: It’s not a matter of IF your account gets hacked or stolen… it’s a matter of WHEN.

    Nothing is 100% safe on the internet. NOTHING.

    Keep a secondary account.

    As far as PayPal – if you get money from a transaction – withdraw it IMMEDIATELY. If they try and take the money back for whatever reason – your PayPal account is linked to your secondary checking which doesn’t have any money in it, or very little. So no money in there to take?


    • Homer on

      Oops – grammar correction:

      I keep very little money in my secondary account.