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Paypal Ripped Me Off

By Debbie Kauble


I had merchandise for sale on Ebay. Someone bid on and won the item. On September 23, 2003, she send me an instant payment using Paypal. I retrieved the funds, transferred them into my bank account and shipped the merchandse to her the following day. On September 29th 2003, I received an e-mail from her stating that she received the item.

On October 11, 2003, I was notified by Paypal that the transaction was being investigated but would not say way. November 5, 2003, I received a notice from Paypal stating that they were completing a reversal of payment against me due to what they claimed was buyer used fraudulent funds, charging ME the $608.76 on my credit card that I have on account with Paypal to repay the reversal. The buyer claimed that she never received the shipment.

I provided Paypal the delivery confirmation number and the actual signature of the person who signed for the package, from the post office. Paypal refuses to refund my money EVEN though I have proof that it was shipped to the buyer and signed for by her husband, at the same address attached to their bank account. It was only AFTER hiring a lawyer, that I found out the buyer’s claim that I never delivered the goods was the ONLY reason Paypal reversed the charge on me.

The transaction was actually reversed the same day it was first completed but Paypal didn’t notify me for EIGHTEEN DAYS. Paypal FORCED me to obtain the services of an attorny. They refused to release information about their investgation to me.

They gave me some bullcrap about having an attorney call an 800 number to supeana the information. They still will not even look at the shipping proof that I have from the USPS, refusing to give me a fax number to send them this stuff.

They said, “It won’t make any difference, we still aren’t going to refund your money.” They are very uncooperative and rude. They talked to me like I was the criminal, flat out lied to me about why the transaction was being investigated and one guy actually hung up on me. I know I won’t get my money or merchandise back, but someone needs to STOP Paypal. They are as bad as the people who use them to steal from others.

After they took the money out of my credit card and cleared my frozen account, I closed my Paypal account. (They actually wanted to know why! LOL! Are you kidding me?) Since then, I have received my credit card bill with their charge on it. (They actually did it as a cash advance, which costs WAY more interest!) As soon as I got the bill, I immediately called my credit card company and started proceedings to dispute the charge on my credit card.

After I explained to the company why I wanted to dispute the charges, my credit card bank seemed to think that if I don’t have my merchandise and can prove I shipped, I shouldn’t have to give Paypal anything. (At least my PP account wasn’t frozen and I could close it. I will NEVER use something like Paypal again! EVER!) Let’s see what they do with that one. I reported them to the California Attorney General, the Federal Trade Comission, the California Consumer Protection Agency and the Better Business Bureau.

I also signed up for the class action lawsuits being started by some attornies in California. I tried to file a civil suite in Indiana but was told I had to go to California to do that. (I also reported the buyer to the IFCC, The FBI internet fraud division and the Attorney General of Mississippi, where she lives. Ebay suspended her and I also reported her to Square Trade.

I tried reporting her to the law enforcment agency in her city but they basically blew me off and claimed it was out of their jurisdiction and advised me to call the FBI, which I did.) I have a feeling this ain’t over yet. Paypal picked the wrong person to screw. I won’t give up without a fight. $608.75 might not be a lot of money to some people but it is to me! And beside the money, it’t the principle of it! I did nothing wrong and Paypal should be held responsible, not me.

They were supposed to protect me from scammers like the buyer. They were supposed to research potential customers and verify them before they took money from her to pay me. They don’t do what they say they do. They lie.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:04 am

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One thought on “Paypal Ripped Me Off
  1. Barbara on

    I want jump on board to try and stop PayPal`s BS. They currently have my account frozen with $4500 in it.. I will pay anyone who can help me.. I am also very interested in jumping on any class action lawsuits!