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Paypal is taking my survey money

I am a Disabled Veteran and I am on the internet most of my waking hours and I enter ever sweepstakes contests giveaways and surveys to win something like a car or a home because I live at a Group Home for Disabled Veterans where the Owners take our V.A. Disability Checks buy rental income producing property cars boats timeshares and are share owners to the Green Bay Packers while they take away our V.A. Disability Checks and FEED US SLOP and at the end of the week they take all the weeks leftovers and mix it all together and call it a stew and while they go away on their vacations all we do is just sit around and watch T.V. and smoke cigarettes and

I get e-mails from My PAYPAL that I just bought some thing for $985.00 which I don’t know how because I never receive any payments from PAYPAL which I would love to have that much money to be able to move out of this PIG STY and the THIEVES that STEAL MY V.A. DISABILITY CHECKS AND LIVE LIKE A HUMAN NOT AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!! SO PAYPAL WHERE IS THE MONEY FROM ALL THE SURVEYS THAT I TAKE? SURE COULD USE SOME OF IT!!! ALL YOU ARE IS A FRAUD AND A THIEF LIKE ALL THE OTHERS WOULD YOU LIKE PART OF MY V.A. DISABILITY CHECK ALSO?!!!

Posted: June 18, 2014 at 6:09 pm

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