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PayPal suspect my account is high risk and shut me down

I have been a paypal and ebay member since 2004, since last year I have been selling on ebay fulltime selling drum kits, on may 2012 I received a notification from paypal that they have put a limitation on my account and requested some information from me. After I have submitted the requested information few days later they sent me another email to confirm that they have closed my account permenatly …This has been done without any reason, I am a honest and genuine seller and have done nothing to infringe their policy etc.

I have appealed several times and they have denined and responded with a message that they can close any account without any reason if they suspect it is a high risk account.

I have over $2000 in my paypal account which I cannot withdraw, they said they will review the account after 180 days and will confirm if I can withdraw the remaining amount.

I have done nothing to deserve this unfair and inhuman action by paypal. I believe they have taken part of my livelihood. I have $6000 worth of drum kits sitting in my garage unable to sell them due to paypal inhuman action..

Paypal is a dishonest company and cannot be trusted..

Posted: June 13, 2012 at 1:55 pm

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3 thoughts on “PayPal suspect my account is high risk and shut me down
  1. Lars Ulrik on

    What can possible be high risk about Drum Kits? PayPal always does this crap where they’ll limit your account and once you submit everything they requested they shut you down. And they don’t even have the balls to give you a call to explain instead they send you some generic e-mail with little to no explanation. PayPal does not care about your appeal, They are more interested in the money they will make of your money for the next 6 months. Just know that you do not need Paypal to sell on eBay. You can easily sell on ebay with a merchant account. Of course ebay does not like to share this information with their users since they are payPal pushers.

  2. Jon on

    I don’t see what is high risk about drum kits. This is typical paypal. Shut you down and with no good reason. I had my account shut down some time ago for reason unknown to me and did some research and came across this site Let me tell you how great it has been to work with this company. It works great on ebay.

  3. Bryan on

    This happened to me several months ago. But I made it a habit of leaving my PayPal account with a balance of $0 to avoid this BS.

    PayPal my have closed your account due to suspicious activity i.e. many buyer claims, multiple negative eBay feedback in a short term, or verified your identity with a previous account, etc.

    I would contact my ISP and request a new IP from them.
    Make a new email account, preferably on a different server. Open a new PayPal account using your new info. Do not provide any personally identifiable information and use a mailing address for the main Business/Home address.
    If making a Business bank account under a FBN is no problem, MAKE IT. Use this to register your PayPal name. Example, if business is Smiths Music, use Smith as first name Music as last.
    Next verify Bank and C.C.
    Next create another bogus account to link to eBay as primary. Just confirm the stuff you need to be able to withdraw funds.

    Under your eBay listings for account to receive payment, use the first one.
    If you print postage from eBay the postage will be deducted from the second account so make sure it has funds each time you pay.

    To withdraw funds I suggest using the normal method to withdraw into your bank. Do not request higher limits. $500.00 will be the limit monthly.

    In the event you begin raking in massive amounts of cash and can’t withdraw cause of those limits, send as gift to someone you trust. Preferably to a immediate family member with a different name, address or different info than your primary account being locked.

    You’ll probably have to use this method for about 2-3 years while all the BS clears from your primary account. Just be sure to empty your accounts all the time.

    In the event you try log into your old locked account, use/download/purchase a IP changer. If eBay/PayPal links your locked account and any of your new accounts via your IP address, they too will be locked.

    This is guaranteed to work, I know.
    I got banned off eBay about 1+ year ago and PayPal locked and immediately started selling once again 3mo later. Been on there since without issues.