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PayPal Suspended Me

By Julie

Am glad there is another site up against eBay and Paypal. I too will post my story, as it were.  Imagine, they tried to scare off another 2 new websites: in sending them a scare-letter.  The other site: is waiting to hear from them too, since  Guess both are worrying a little now.

Ebay screwed me royally today by INDEFINITELY suspending my 2 accounts with them for: associated with the following suspended account: XXXXX

I have no affiliation with that xxx account.  Have no clue therefore why I was suspended.

Paypal 2 weeks ago, right after I was confirmed and had already made them money, did the very same thing to me and in the process froze my money in that account. I was all ready and set to take my case to the Att. General in NE when suddenly, after I’d mailed them umpteen docs, one day I found my account openened again.

And, guess what ? No explanation whatsoever as to why they reopened it.  I guess they don’t need to give you reasons for either action.

I am totally fed-up with both. If anyone here can direct me where to take my eBay complaint, or has a success story already, pls. leave me a message on this board here.

Thanks for listening too


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:34 am

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